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Een heerlijke nazomer en een gezonde huid

A wonderful late summer and healthy skin

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Bring on that beautiful late summer!

The summer holidays are coming to an end and our batteries are fully charged again to pamper you! I did a road trip through Spain and Portugal for 2 weeks, with at least 30,000 steps in my calves every day (very tough as my fitness level was far from good, but I saw such beautiful nature).

Have you enjoyed a well-deserved holiday? Fantastic! Maybe your skin is a little upset right now and could use a boost. Even with daily care during my holiday and constantly applying sunscreen, my skin now needs some extra care to look optimal again :-) Nobody likes to see dry mummy skin, right?!

We would like to give you some tips on how to optimally care for your skin after holidays, sun, sea and sand and perhaps also less healthy habits (hey, an aperitif during your leave tastes even better!). In the summer our little one often has a hard time and therefore deserves some extra attention now.

This way you can enjoy a (hopefully) beautiful Indian summer with well-groomed, happy skin.

As usual, I first share a tasty and healthy recipe with you, this time a delicious breakfast smoothie, yummieyummie in your tummy.

Also at the bottom there is important news regarding the price change at RainPharma, be sure to scroll to the bottom if you want to purchase your products extra cheaply one last time for a change on September 1.

Cleaning? Yes please!

Especially now, it remains important to cleanse your skin efficiently but gently . But why is it so important to (double) cleanse your skin? Is a quick cat wash not enough?

Throughout the day, your skin is exposed to numerous pollutants, such as air pollution, but also sunscreen, make-up and the natural production of sebum, which leave your skin with a stubborn layer of dirt at the end of the day.

By gently but thoroughly cleansing, first with an oil-based cleanser that attracts all dirt particles like a magnet, and then with a water-based cleanser, you give your skin the rest it deserves.

Without proper cleaning, all those pollutants remain on your skin and eventually cause your skin to become dull and gray, clog pores and cause skin irritations.

Moreover, the good products you use work less well on uncleaned or poorly cleansed skin, which is a waste of time and effort, right?!

Your cleaning buddies are:

The RainPharma Amazing Oil Cleanser or the RainPharma Advanced Pre-Cleanser if you also want to remove your make-up quickly and naturally. These toppers remove anything oil-based from your skin and are always your first step.

The RainPharma Dedicated Face Wash or the Nuori Vital Foaming Cleanser complete the ritual and give your skin that wonderfully fresh, cleansed feeling! This is the second step in your daily routine, these cleansers remove all water-based products.

If you want to give your skin extra support, you can gently scrub your skin between your double cleansing routine to deeply remove dead skin cells. You can choose the RainPharma Brightening Face Scrub or the Nuori Supreme Polishing Treatment.

Then it's time to treat that sun-kissed summer face to healthy, natural care that quenches her thirst. Such as the RainPharma F3 Fabulous Day & Night Moist or the all-rounder Faithful Face Guard , which with its 4-in-1 formula gives you a serum, eye care, day and night cream in 1 single product. That really is my own top favorite of all time! Or go for the Nuori Vital Facial Cream , a light cream that gives your skin the much-needed hydration.

So opt for a healthy daily routine with good cleansing and natural care that quenches your skin's summer thirst.
Is your skin very dry? Then you can also treat your face to a thirst-quenching mask, such as the Nuori Supreme Moisture Mask or the RainPharma Creamy Hydra Mask.

Would you like advice tailored to your skin? Be sure to drop in and we will see together what the most optimal care for your skin is!

Leave it to us

Would you like to give your skin an extra boost and do you also need some me-time and pure relaxation ? Then put yourself in our hands and choose one of our facial treatments. We give your skin a 'major maintenance' and give you tips on how you can continue to care for that glow at home.

Our Relax treatment provides you with relaxing care with our natural products.

If you choose the Comfort or VIP treatment, we will also work with 1 or 2 devices to get your skin back into top condition.

You can read all about our different facial treatments on our website. Book your session now and let us pamper you.

Almost out of stock?

Have you almost run out of healthy care products? Then take advantage of the price change now!

The prices of RainPharma products increased slightly in August, RainPharma wants to continue investing in the quality of their products and because the prices of quality raw materials have risen, their prices have also had to follow suit.

These were already adjusted in August, but at Skin Clinic Ypres you can still purchase at the old prices until September 1 , so now is the perfect time to replenish your stock for the increase. This way you can still score your favorite products or continue your diet more cost-effectively.
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Do you have questions? Does your little one need some extra TLC (Tender Love and Care)? Just call me on 0498/93.32.35 or email me at and together we will work on your softest skin ever!

Enthusiastic greetings,


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