Skin Clinic guarantees secure online payment. Thanks to the secure SSL connection from our partner Shopify Payments, you run no risk whatsoever. In addition, online payment is also very simple.

Secure payment

Thanks to our payment partner Shopify Payments, we have a safe and reliable payment system, so you can be sure that the payment is made securely. As soon as you have gone through the steps of the ordering process and you click on “Final order with payment obligation”, you will be redirected to a secure https page of our payment partner Shopify Payments.

Your payment details and credit card information are only used for payment and are never released to other parties.

Payment options

During the ordering process you choose the desired payment method. You can choose from the payment options below.

Regardless of which payment method you choose, we cannot ship your package until we receive payment.


When paying with Bancontact or Maestro, we receive payment almost immediately. Your package can be prepared for shipping more quickly.
You can choose to make your payment with your Bancontact card (card reader required) or via the Bancontact app.
There are no chargebacks and settlement times are faster because iDEAL is a bank-to-bank transfer, backed by all major Dutch consumer banks. This payment method is seen as safe, fast and easy.

Credit card (Visa & MasterCard)

When paying by credit card, we receive payment almost immediately. Your package can be prepared for shipping more quickly.

With this payment method, the verification code of the card is requested. This check checks whether your card is not being used by an unauthorized person.

For the verification code with Visa or MasterCard, it is best to look on the back of your card where you will find a 3-digit code in the field of your signature. You will find this code either after your full account number or after the last 4 digits of your account number.


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