Rebuilding Keratin Hair Treatment

Let your hair shine again in all its glory with our Rebuilding Keratin Hair Treatment.

Rebuilding Keratin Hair Treatment

Restore and Pamper Your Hair With Our Rebuilding Keratin Hair Treatment - The Ultimate Rescue for Damaged Hair

Are you tired of dry, damaged hair that frizzes, breaks easily and is full of knots?
Is your hair exhausted by chemical treatments, heat and chlorine from the pool?
Our Rebuilding Keratin treatment is the shining star on the horizon that your hair needs!

Transform Your Hair from Within

At Santos Hair & Skin Clinic we understand the struggle of damaged hair. Our Rebuilding Keratin treatment is designed to rejuvenate and strengthen your hair. That is how it works:

  1. In-depth Recovery Injection : We introduce keratin, hyaluronic acid and ceramides into your hair using infrared and ultrasound. These nourishing substances are sealed into your hair fibers for deep strengthening.
  2. Healing for Body and Mind : A wonderful restorative washing ritual with pressure point massage and aromatherapy relieves stress and promotes inner peace.

Results that Last

Real change takes time. On average, 4 to 6 sessions every 4 to 6 weeks are needed to achieve optimal results. Once your hair quality has improved significantly, a maintenance treatment every 8 to 10 weeks will keep your hair healthy and bouncy.

Aftercare - Continue to Cherish Your Hair

Our involvement does not end at the salon. At home you can continue your treatment with our Rebuilding Bath and Rebuilding Mask for a continuous constructive effect.

Invest in Your Hair - A Treatment that Delivers Results

The price of our Rebuilding Keratin treatment is €175, a valuable investment for the recovery and care of your hair.

The Extra Mile - Hair and Head in Harmony

Do you want to tackle your scalp in addition to your hair? Choose the Signature Head Spa scalp treatment together with your Rebuilding Keratin treatment for only €75 extra instead of €175 extra! A total package for an extra affordable price! So you only pay €250 instead of €350 for both treatments together.

Discover the Power of Recovery at Santos Hair & Skin Clinic

Give your hair the loving care it deserves. Book your Rebuilding Keratin treatment now and experience the magic of recovery and transformation.


It's time to treat yourself to a moment of pure well-being and rejuvenation.