Looking for a hairdresser in Ypres for a modern and beautiful men's haircut?

Welcome to Skin Clinic & Santos Hair!

Surrender yourself to our capable hands and step outside feeling reborn after a moment of pure relaxation.

What can you expect from a haircut at Skin Clinic Santos Hair?

- We care for your locks in a natural way,
- You can count on haircut advice tailored to your hair and style,
- We use soft colorings that are kind to your hair,
- We are experts in professionally placed, high-quality extensions.

Gentle, natural products with beautiful results

We chose Kevin Murphy products because these products care for your hair in a natural, gentle way and also produce a beautiful result.

For the colorings we use both the soft color line from Kevin Murphy and the non-permanent color line from Eleven Australia, because with both brands we are assured of a beautiful coloring with optimal care and shine in a natural way.

For more in-depth and instant care of your hair, we rely on K18 products .

Make your appointment today and walk out with the haircut of your dreams!


It's time to treat yourself to a moment of pure well-being and rejuvenation.