At Santos Hair & Skin Clinic Ypres we are proud to distribute Oway! It fits perfectly with our natural & healthy approach.

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Want to buy Oway products?

Do you want to buy Oway products? At Skin Clinic we offer an extensive range of these high-quality organic hair care products. Oway products are known for their natural and sustainable formulas, which not only nourish and protect your hair, but also respect the environment. Discover how Oway products can improve your hair care routine with their pure, plant-based ingredients.

About Oway

Oway is a contraction of Organic Way, an expression that combines biology (Organic) with lifestyle (Way). It evokes a worldview that embraces the cyclical, as embodied in respect for the ecosystem, resource recycling and the natural cycles that produce our ingredients. Biodynamics revolutionized our approach to professional cosmetics in 2010. With the experience we gained on our estate in Ortofficina in the hills above Bologna, we now grow our own ingredients directly, following a zero-mile approach to biodynamic farming. Each product is formulated based on the most advanced principles of green and clean chemistry.

Oway hair products

Our collection includes popular products such as Oway shampoo, Oway rebuilding hair mask and Oway soothing remedy. The Oway shampoo gently cleanses the hair and is suitable for daily use. The Oway rebuilding hair mask repairs damaged hair and gives it back its natural shine. The Oway soothing remedy soothes the scalp and reduces irritations. Thanks to the preference for natural or naturally derived ingredients, without compromising performance, these products concretely improve the capillaries and skin structure with every application.

Balance and performance

At Oway they strive to balance ingredients that add value, properties and effectiveness to the product. They choose to enhance the unique benefits of our raw materials, taking for granted the elimination of all potentially harmful substances that deviate from the principles of agricosmetics®. The formulas contain more than 90% natural ingredients and concretely improve the capillaries and skin structure with each application, through concentrated, versatile, professional and pleasant mixtures.

Buy Oway at Skin Clinic

Have you become interested in Oway products? At Skin Clinic we are happy to help you find the natural products that fit your routine. We are ready to provide you with the best, personal advice so that you can deeply cleanse and revive your hair. The products can easily be ordered online, and in many cases they will be sent to you the same day. This way you can immediately enjoy the benefits that Oway has to offer.