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Welcome to Ultimate Scalp Care at Santos Hair & Skin Clinic

At Santos Hair & Skin Clinic we have created an enchanting world of ultimate relaxation and effective care, just for you. Our exclusive Head Spa treatments not only provide solutions to hair and scalp problems, but also an unparalleled journey to deep relaxation. Step inside and discover a world where we have carefully created the perfect balance between luxurious indulgence and effective results.

Platinum Head Spa Scalp Treatment: A Radiant Rebirth

Experience the enchantment of our Platinum Head Spa treatment, an industry-leading journey to ultimate scalp care and radiant locks. Our expert therapists will transform your scalp with a combination of our Deluxe treatment and the powerful HydraFacial Keravive session . Immerse yourself in a world of rejuvenation as we revitalize your scalp and hair. Choose ultimate pampering and recovery, book your Platinum Head Spa treatment now.

Botanical Head Spa Experience: An Oasis of Care and Relaxation

Experience an unprecedented blend of luxury and effectiveness with our Botanical Head Spa Experience . This exclusive package is the solution for anyone with an irritated scalp, flakes, or hair loss, and offers complete scalp rejuvenation with botanical ingredients. Relax with an aloe vera mask, oil scrub, and herbal stamps, while our customized treatments, such as the in-depth analysis, detox mask, and soothing massage, provide deep cleansing and revitalization. Discover the first High-End Head Spa in Belgium for an unparalleled experience of well-being.

Botanical Luxury Head Spa Experience: Your Moment of Pure Rejuvenation

Discover the ultimate care and relaxation with our SieroSanto 'Botanical Luxury Head Spa Experience'® , an exclusive treatment aimed at revitalizing your scalp and hair. In the midst of daily stressors, this experience offers an oasis of calm and rejuvenation. Specially designed for those struggling with irritated scalp, flakes, and hair loss, our Signature Head Spa treatment combines effective care with serene luxury. Enjoy an in-depth analysis, relaxing enzyme peel, invigorating detox mask, customized shampoo and serum, as well as a Hydro DHara treatment and a soothing massage. As the first high-end Head Spa in Belgium, we promise an unparalleled experience that not only benefits your scalp but also introduces a new level of well-being. Book now and pamper yourself.

Rebuilding Keratin Hair Treatment: Repair and Shine

Your hair deserves nothing less than the most careful attention. Our Rebuilding Keratin Hair Treatment is a lifeline for damaged hair. Let our expertise rejuvenate and strengthen your hair with deep keratin infusion and healing rituals. We offer a solution not only for damaged hair, but also for tired minds. Give yourself the power of recovery, book your Rebuilding Keratin treatment now.

The place for your head spa in Flanders

At Santos Hair & Skin Clinic we have created a sanctuary of ultimate scalp care and rejuvenation, where every visit is a step towards your well-being and beauty. Our unique Head Spa treatments, ranging from the luxurious Platinum and Botanical experiences to the intensely restorative Rebuilding Keratin Hair Treatment, have been carefully formulated to meet your specific needs. We are proud to be the first High-End Head Spa in Flanders, where every treatment is a promise of unparalleled care, relaxation, and results. Our experts are ready to welcome you to a world where stress disappears and beauty and health are celebrated.

Now is the time to invest in yourself with our advanced, tailor-made scalp and hair treatments. At Santos Hair & Skin Clinic we don't just offer treatments; we offer an experience that awakens your senses, soothes your soul and brings out your natural beauty. Book your Head Spa treatment online today and discover why we are the destination of choice for those looking for the ultimate scalp care in Flanders. Let us guide you on a journey to ultimate wellness and beauty. Your path to rejuvenation starts here, at Santos Hair & Skin Clinic in Ypres.