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Het Rainpharma dieet vs klassiek proteïnedieet

The Rainpharma diet vs classic protein diet

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In recent years, many protein diets have come onto the market. Many classic protein diets choose the wrong protein sources and overload your body with too many sugars (fructose), casein, gluten, polyols and all kinds of additives.
This is not only very stressful for your kidneys and intestines, many people also suffer from bad breath and dull skin. In addition, after a while a terrible craving for sweets arises and your mood tends to fluctuate.

A diet based on so-called slim puddings, candy bars and chips naturally sounds very tempting. And you may even lose weight quickly as a result. But in our opinion, such a diet is completely educationally wrong. After all, you don't learn anything about healthy food. On the contrary, you develop the habit of eating fast fake food as a snack. Losing weight with the help of unhealthy food is turning the world upside down for us. You don't want to be slim at the expense of your health, do you?

A healthy lifestyle is the basis and ultimate goal of the RainPharma diet. Our shakes complement meals and provide the necessary proteins in the right way. They ensure that you burn fat instead of muscle and give you a flying start. However, they do not create the impression that they can replace real food. In the RainPharma diet, shakes are a temporary aid, a nutritional supplement that we do not use for longer than necessary.
In addition, the orthomolecular nutritional supplements provide optimal and exceptional support.


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