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OMG zo veel zomerpret bij Skin Clinic Ieper

OMG so much summer fun at Skin Clinic Ypres

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Summer is here! Enjoy long summer evenings!

Are you already feeling the summer jitters? We also! That's why you can also score great discounts on the RainPharma toppers at Skin Clinic this summer. This way you can shine wonderfully naturally.
Last year we were the face of RainPharma's national summer campaign. Do you still recognize the photo below from back then?
How does the Skin Clinic Summer Festival work?

We enjoyed the Summer Festival so much last year that we decided to organize another Summer Festival ourselves this year: the Skin Clinic Summer Festival.

From today until August 31, 2021, we will take you to a crazy Summer Festival with these promotions:

5 products

Will you choose 5 RainPharma products for the face or body for a minimum purchase value of €150 together?

Then we will spoil you with:

  • a beautiful bag filled with 5 travel sizes for body and face
  • with 2 more face masks on top

This way, on top of your order of at least €150, you will score nice surprises worth no less than €70. And you can use the bag afterwards, for example, to safely take your jewelry or lingerie with you on holiday.

7 products
Are you going for at least 7 facial or body products with a minimum purchase value of €200?

Then you will receive from us:

  • also a beautiful bag filled with 5 travel sizes for body and face
  • 2 face masks .
  • But on top of that there is a nice toiletry bag filled with handy RainPharma gadgets (worth €69)
  • and also a fun RainPharma game in a practical travel size (both while supplies last).

This way, on top of your order, you will receive nice surprises with a value of no less than €160 ! And are you ready for those wonderful summer (evenings)!

Sun Set

Do you already know the new RainPharma Sun Sets? I introduced them all to you in my email this afternoon.
You can find them all here.

These handy, affordable boxes provide you with your favorite RainPharma products at a great discount!

The Sun Sets also participate in the Skin Clinic Summer Festival and a Sun Set counts as 1 product.

Let the Skin Clinic Summer Festival be your first summer festival, so that you can shine naturally all summer long!

Do you have questions? Need advice? Call me on 0498/93.32.35 or send an email to .
Together we will make this summer a blast!

Summer greetings


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