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Blote voetenweer: tips voor zachte voeten

Barefoot weather: tips for soft feet

The sun comes out again and temperatures rise. Your winter clothes are put away, time for a fresher look. Sleeves are getting shorter and sweaters are getting lighter. You free your feet from socks and shoes. Are your feet ready to be seen?

Pedicure at home

After the cold months, your feet could probably use a boost. With a foot ritual you not only ensure that your feet are beautiful and soft again, but you also completely relax. Nothing is more relaxing than a wonderful wellness moment at home, right?

Soft feet guaranteed

Our secret for soft feet that are worth showing? Start with a foot bath. Fill the Never Ending Circle with warm water and add a dash of Revitalizing Foot Bath Oil . Soak your feet for fifteen minutes. Take your feet out of the water one by one and use High Performance Foot File to smooth them. Then scrub them with the pitch black Charcoal Detox Foot Scrub to get rid of calluses. Then rinse them and wash them with Skin Wash Peppermint for a refreshing effect. Use Body Wonder Towel for an extra scrub.

Time for a massage. Dry your feet and massage them (or have them massaged) with Refreshing Foot Massage Oil . Wonderfully cooling on a hot day. Pat your feet dry, but do not rinse them, so the oil can work further. Finally, treat your feet with Repair & Protect Foot Balm , or Intensive Recovery Wax and Intensive Recovery Socks for intense care. Your feet have never felt so soft and relaxed!

Say goodbye to odors!

Do you sometimes suffer from unpleasant odors when you take off your shoes? We also have the solution for that. Scrub your feet during your daily shower with Charcoal Detox Foot Scrub . Then wash them with Skin Wash Sage , which has a deodorizing effect, and Body Wonder Towel . You can also wash your feet two or three times a day with Skin Wash Sage. Dry your feet thoroughly and apply Freshen Down foot deodorant to your feet and between your toes. Always wear fresh socks and change shoes regularly. Do this for at least three days and welcome your new fresh feet.

Give the gift of a moment of zen

A foot ritual is pure relaxation. You want to be able to give that to everyone, right? One Step At A Time contains the entire foot ritual. Together with the Never Ending Circle you can give someone the ultimate pampering package as a gift. Will you immediately get an extra one for yourself?

Want to know more about our foot products? Maarten from Skin Clinic Ypres is ready for you and is happy to answer all your questions!

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