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Haal de zon in huis

Bring the sun into your home

From now on you can get your daily portion of sunlight into your home thanks to the top product in the RainPharma family, the Delightful D-fence ! A high-quality nutritional supplement that you can obtain at Skin Clinic Ypres!

Why vitamin D?

Did you know that your body gets vitamin D from sunlight and, among other things, from oily fish and eggs? But in Belgium, many people suffer from a vitamin D deficiency because we cannot get enough of it from our diet, but also because we are not sufficiently exposed to sunlight. We owe this to our gray winters and the fact that we protect ourselves in spring and summer with clothing and sunscreen - which we must continue to do, of course!

Vitamin D is an important vitamin for our body because:

  • It ensures that calcium and phosphorus are sufficiently absorbed into your body
  • Your body needs vitamin D for strong bones and strong teeth
  • Your muscles need vitamin D to work properly
  • It helps strengthen your immune system

You can recognize a vitamin D deficiency by fatigue, lethargy, a down and depressed feeling, brittle bones, reduced resistance, etc.!

Do you suspect you have a vitamin D deficiency? Be sure to have your blood checked by your doctor because a vitamin D deficiency should not be allowed to take its course and become worse!


But there is good news! With the Delightful D-fence , you get a daily ally to ensure that you do not develop a vitamin D deficiency or that you can tackle your deficiency and stand strong in your bones! Pun intended laugh


*The Delightful D-fence contains vitamin D3 and K2 of plant origin and MCT oil.
*Vitamin D releases calcium in your body, but it is vitamin K2 that ensures that the released calcium also effectively reaches your bones.
*The MCT oil serves as a carrier of vitamin D and is easily digested in your body without being burdensome.

So order your Delightful D-fence today and give your body the building blocks and protection it deserves!

We have these available in 2 sizes:

* Delightful D-fence 80 caps (for 1.5 - 2.5 months)

* Delightful D-fence Family Pack 730 caps . This is ideal for the whole family or if you actually have a vitamin D deficiency (in which case you need a higher dose per day to first supplement your deficiencies). The Family Packs are up to 25% cheaper than individual packages.

Lubricate, lubricate and lubricate again

When spring officially arrives in the country, we will start gardening, having BBQs and enjoying nature again en masse! Delicious!

Don't forget your delicate winter skin and protect yourself with a natural sunscreen , so that you don't end up with a red burnt face after a day of enjoying the garden or nature!

Go for a natural sunscreen without a chemical filter and you can enjoy the sun wonderfully and carefree because you know that your skin is healthy and safe!

And your daily dose of vitamin D is also covered , so you can shine full of energy like the sun!


Do you have questions? Do you want to know more about vitamin D or are you unsure about which nutritional supplements are most suitable for you?
Call me on 0498/93.32.35! I can't wait to help you shine!

Radiant greetings


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