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Gezonde vanillepudding

Healthy vanilla pudding

Looking for an easy and healthy recipe for protein-rich vanilla pudding?
Look no further, because below you will find the simplest recipe ever!

For 2 portions of protein-rich vanilla pudding you only need 2 ingredients:

- 3 scoops of Simply Vanilla Shake from RainPharma

- 2 tablespoons unsweetened plant-based yogurt (soy or coconut)

Mix the shake and yogurt. I find it easiest to put everything in the blender (this way you don't have any lumps anymore), but you can always just use a whisk.

That's it! Easypeasy.

Would you like a little bit of carbohydrates with your pudding? Then you can use some red fruits and berries as a finishing touch.


Oh yes, would you rather have a fruit flavor or chocolate flavor? Then try this pudding with Yogurt Smoothie (red fruits) from RainPharma or the Nuts About Choco (chocolate/praline flavour). Omnomnom.

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