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Skin Clinic & Santos Hair Shopping Days

Skin Clinic & Santos Hair Shopping Days

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Autumn is here and every year we start to get the itch to organize a healthy, fun and delicious party to spoil you extra!

That's why you can come and enjoy the Skin Clinic & Santos Hair Shopping Days on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 October (9am - 6pm) !

We'll keep it easy and smooth this year and treat you to healthy snacks and drinks, nice chats, fun demos, great discounts and nice surprises!
No complicated rules, let's keep it simple!

It has been a challenging year for me so far, I am still working on my recovery, but that does not alter the fact that I still want to support you with full enthusiasm and enter autumn with you in a festive manner.
Duuus, we kept it very simple! Are you ready? These are our actions:
What can you expect?
All products from RainPharma , Kevin Murphy , Bouclème and Circadia (you can only get the last 2 in our store, not online) participate in our Shopping Days.

You can enjoy a 15% discount from the first product. You read that right, from the first product!

But of course that's not all...
You know us, we'd love to give it a shot. So you can enjoy tasty and healthy snacks and drinks, fun demos and of course some very nice extras that you can score:

- Are you above €250 after the discount? Then we'll give you a Jungle Beauty Adventure Box worth €96 !

- Are you buying for €500 after discount? Then on top of your Jungle Beauty Adventure Box you will also receive a Relax care worth €85! Together good for €181 gift .

- From €750 after discount, you will receive a Jungle Beauty Adventure Box, a Relax care and a beautiful toiletry bag with a full size Fascinating Broccoli Seed Oil. This way you will receive a gift of no less than €290 !

- Are you going for it and will you exceed €1000 after discount? Then you will receive a Jungle Beauty Adventure Box as a gift with the toiletry bag with full size Fascinating Broccoli Seed Oil, but also a free Platinum Hydrafacial session on top! A gift with a total value of €420 !
Early birds
Are you an early bird and will you send us your shopping list by October 2 at the latest ? Then, as usual, you can count on another extra, a nice green surprise. And this way you can be sure that you can score all your favorite products at a discount!

Our webshop already helps you with your list, but we are also ready to provide you with advice and assistance!

Send your list to or via 0498/93.32.35 and we will take care of the rest 🙂
Will you come to our Shopping Days? Yaaj! We can't wait to see you!
Are you from further away? Then make it a day in Ypres and a day of me-time! We spoil you with healthy, tasty snacks and drinks, such as for Corona and we also have numerous demos.

Would you like to participate in the HydraFacial , Circadia or RainPharma demo? Please let me know at because those spots are limited! (More news about this will follow later).

Is it still difficult to get there? No worries, we can of course also send your order as you are used to from us!

We really can't wait to have a healthy and fun party with you!

Healthy greetings

Do you have questions? Need advice tailored to your needs so that you can put together the perfect list to feel radiant and healthy? Call me, send me a message, email me or just drop by!

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