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RainPharma Skin Washes

RainPharma Skin Washes

The Skin Washes come in more than 20 scents. They won twice as the best product and customers love them.
You too? Otherwise you should definitely read this blog carefully. A lot can be said about these Skin Washes.

Did you know that this Skin Wash is not only good for the skin and the environment? But especially for your wallet!

The shower challenge
1 year, 1 bottle of shower gel.
Are you participating?

Concentrated formula
RainPharma Skin Washes contain only real, active ingredients. We do not add extra water. Because honestly, why would we fill bottles with water if it just flows out of the tap while showering?

You need fewer bottles.
We have to transport fewer bottles.
Fewer bottles end up in the recycling bin.

Is that possible to wash yourself for a year with 1 bottle of shower gel?
With a 500 ml bottle of Skin Wash you can do as much as... Shower 416 times . So it will last you more than a year. Do you like to try a new scent every now and then? Then our 'small' bottles of 100 ml are ideal.

Size doesn't matter
Our 100 ml bottles of Skin Wash may be taken in hand luggage, but describing them as 'travel size' does not do justice to these bottles. Unless of course you are traveling for a very long time. With a 100 ml bottle you can do as much as: Shower 80 times !

1 pump = 1 wash
Did you know that 1 pump is more than enough to wash an adult body? Simply apply to wet skin and distribute evenly.

Foam party?
Our Skin Washes are 100% natural and therefore contain no synthetic foam makers. Still crazy about foam? Invest in one Body Wonder Towel (Japanese oilcloth) or a Liu's Magic Sponge (konjac sponge). This turns 1 pump of shower gel into a lush plant-based foam cloud that you can easily use to wash an entire family!

Team sponge?
Liu's Magic Sponge is an extremely soft konjac sponge, made from 100% natural material. Allow your sponge to dry thoroughly after each wash (for example, place it on the radiator), otherwise the sponge will crumble. Replace your sponge every 2 to 3 months.

Because Liu's Magic Sponge is so soft, it is also ideal for washing the delicate skin of babies. In that case, use the sponge without shower gel, a wonderfully nourishing oil bath is sufficient!

Or team oilcloth?
With Body Wonder Towel you don't just conjure up a lot of foam. This washcloth also immediately turns your shower gel into a light scrub. This is my personal favorite.

Useful! Thanks to the elongated shape, you can easily wash your back or the bottom of your feet.

Body Wonder Towel dries quickly and is very durable. Depending on how often you use the washcloth, it will need to be replaced after 2 or 3 years, but there are also people who have had theirs hanging in the shower for much longer.

And the price?
Each bottle of Skin Wash has a different price. Sounds crazy? Actually, it just makes perfect sense.

Nature decides
The price is determined by the ingredients used and depends on how difficult or easy it is to extract the necessary essential oil from the plant, flower or herb. The prices of our Skin Washes therefore fluctuate depending on the size and essential oil used.

We also have our most exclusive Skin Wash: Rose. No less than 150 kilograms of fresh, hand-picked rose petals are used for a 500 ml bottle. The price of 999 euros is a bit shocking, but it is the correct price for a product based on pure essential rose oil.

Cheaper than one coffee a month
Did you know that a luxurious, 100% natural and 100% Belgian shower gel from RainPharma is actually much cheaper than that 'cheaper' shower gel from the supermarket or perfumery?

Thanks to the concentrated formulas, our Skin Washes are super economical to use.

Do you choose the Skin Wash Orange? For just 3.25 euros per month you can shower for a year.

Kind to your skin and the environment!
RainPharma Skin Washes are 100% plant-based:
no aggressive preservatives
no synthetic fragrances or dyes
no irritating foamers

Skin care starts in the shower
A traditional shower gel contains detergents, preservatives and chemicals.

The balance between good and bad bacteria is disrupted.
The acid mantle of your skin becomes out of balance.

With every wash, so every day, the natural balance of your skin is disturbed. Your skin does not get the chance to recover and feels dry and tight. Even when you apply a moisturizing lotion or cream after showering.

RainPharma Skin Washes respect the acid mantle of your skin, with all the good bacteria. This makes your daily wash the first and most important step in your care ritual.

Your skin glows
Your skin does not feel tight or dry
Your skin is supple and soft

Want to treat your skin to a little something extra? Choose one nourishing oil or a moisturizing body lotion !

A fragrance for every mood
Woody and spicy? Or fruity and fresh? In the Aromatherapy Essentials line you will find a whole range of wonderful, natural scents. So something for everyone!

How do you choose your scent?
Based on the specific properties of a plant, flower or herb within aromatherapy.

Based on a personal preference but also according to your mood or mood at a specific moment.

Based on the amount you want to spend on your new natural shower gel. The price is determined by the oil used.

Based on the odor intensity. For example, lemongrass, thyme and peppermint will blow your mind and the neighbors will smell it too, while orange and pine, for example, have very subtle scents.

Want to relax before going to sleep? Lavender calms you down.
Want to start the day well? Mandarin provides a cheerful boost.
In the shower after your workout? Anise has a beneficial effect on the muscles, while Peppermint provides a wonderful cool-down.

Nostalgic, c'est chic!
Do you also love the nostalgic style of our Skin Washes? The brown bottles are reminiscent of the jars and jars you used to find at the herbal pharmacy.

For your skin and your hands!
RainPharma Skin Wash is also a wonderfully caring hand soap. Let the beautiful bottles shine in your interior and place your favorite scent next to the sink in the bathroom or on the countertop in the kitchen.

Are you going for a Pinterest-proof interior? We designed special holders.

Did you know that you can also buy all the scents of the Skin Washes as pure essential oil?

Dissolve a few drops of essential oil in our Precious Bath Oil and enjoy a fragrant warm bath.

Add a scent to our neutral care products.

Make your house a naturally scented home with the Aroma Diffuser from RainPharma.

TIP Scented candles may be cozy, but they are not good for your health at all. The Aroma Diffuser is the perfect, healthy and safe alternative!

All benefits at a glance
Locally produced in Belgium
Completely plant-based formulas, without animal ingredients
Soft texture and extremely skin-friendly
Wonderful real natural scents
Good for the environment and your wallet

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