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Broccoli voor iedereen

Broccoli for everyone

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Our broccoli oil is a truly all-round product that you can use for many things. But what makes this oil so special? It is an iconic product, every RainPharma fan undoubtedly has a bottle in his or her bathroom.

When we first smelled the oil, we feared the product would never sell, but we were so blown away by the quality that we went for it anyway.
The oil contains sulforaphane, a strong antioxidant , which is also calming, caring and intensely nourishing for your skin.

The oil is produced through an ecological process that does not use solvents or high temperatures and so that all properties of the oil remain intact, so it is a very pure and pure oil.
The ingredients list contains only one ingredient, which makes the oil so unique. Just look around in other stores and you will see that no one imitates us.
And because this oil is so concentrated, you only need to use a few drops each time. The oil is also very stable, so you can easily store it for several years after opening.

What can you use the oil for? For a lot. For dry lips, as a deeply restorative night serum or you can also mix it with a day cream to make it a bit richer. In case of sunburn, broccoli oil should definitely not be missed when you travel. For dry hair, you can distribute a few drops over your hair lengths. Or as a treatment for dry skin. The oil is suitable for the most sensitive skin because it has a soothing and restorative effect.

You may be able to supplement this list with many applications. It should certainly not be missing in your bathroom or toiletry bag.

In the meantime, we also have a fantastic sulforaphane-based supplement: the Detoxifying Broccoli Seed Caps . A very strong antioxidant that everyone should have at home.

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