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Een tropische douche

A tropical shower

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Do you know that wonderful feeling on holiday: you spend all day exploring, enjoying the warm weather and filling your hours with fun activities. In the evening you return to your hotel room and take a refreshing shower before dinner. Pure enjoyment. We also bring that feeling to your bathroom with our Classic After Oil.

A beautiful ritual

Classic After Oil takes you to the fairytale Colombian city of Cartagena, the birthplace of RainPharma manager Eric, in the Caribbean. Due to the combination of high temperatures and the salty sea air, many people from this region suffer from dry skin. That is why they apply a special oil every day in the shower that makes their skin beautifully shiny. A beautiful ritual that is literally passed on from mother to child.

We wanted to share that ritual with you. The result is Classic After Oil , RainPharma's absolute crowd favorite for years.

Fast and well taken care of

Classic After Oil is extremely popular because it smells nice and fresh and is super easy to use. You apply this aromatic skin oil to wet skin and then rinse briefly. Pat dry, dress and you're done. Your skin is supple and soft like satin without feeling greasy.

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