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Zonnecrème in de winter

Sunscreen in winter

Don't be stingy on your skin care in the winter

Cooler weather and less sunshine doesn't mean you should neglect your skincare routine, says Maarten, owner at Santos Hair & Skin Clinic.

You should still stay safe by being aware of the sun (UV light) during the winter months, plus see my top tips below for achieving beautiful winter skin.

Smart in the winter sun

Did you know that winter sun can still age the skin and increase the risk of skin cancer?
To get technical for a moment, it is the UVA rays that can cause fine lines, wrinkles and age spots on the skin and hands. The well-known sun allergy is also caused by UVA rays. While UVB rays are responsible for burning your skin. Both UVA and UVB rays can cause skin cancer.


UV A = aging (A= Aging & Allergies )

UV B = burning (B= B urning)

Stay safe in the sun

You might think that if you spend more time indoors in winter and the sky is gray, UV rays are not a problem. But while UVB rays are largely blocked by glass, UVA rays are not. And UVA rays do not weaken in winter and are not blocked by winter conditions such as clouds or fog!

So, if you're working by the window, in the car, walking the dog, jogging or going to the shops at lunch, don't forget that sunscreen with SPF30.

Maarten says: "I use at least SPF 30 every day of the year as the last step in my morning care routine (as a woman you do it right before your makeup).
I like the Natural Daylight Defense SPF30 from RainPharma & the Mineral Defense Sunscreen SPF30 from Nuori because it is lightweight and non-greasy. I also keep the small Natural Daylight Defense SPF30 in my backpack and on my desk because you can apply it quickly for quick protection.”

“And if you're planning a ski holiday this winter, remember that harmful sun rays pass through more easily at higher levels where the atmosphere is thinner,” Maarten advises. “Fresh snow also reflects the rays (increasing their strength by up to 85%) and this can be dangerous even when there is no sun.”

Use your SPF correctly

Although some skin care and makeup products contain sunscreen, I don't recommend using it as your only form of protection. We do not apply these products in a thick or even sufficient layer to provide the level of protection needed. Let alone that these are sufficiently reapplied.

Use a high factor sunscreen (SPF 30) and don't neglect areas that are often forgotten, such as the tops of your ears, hands and neck. These are often the first places where the signs of premature aging become visible.

Always apply sunscreen about half an hour before you go outside, as this gives it a chance to start working (our natural sun filters from RainPharma and Nuori are mineral filters and work instantly). And don't forget to reapply regularly to ensure you stay protected all day long. Even in winter.

When in doubt, check it out…

Skin cancer doesn't just appear in the summer, so make it a habit to keep an eye on your skin (from head to toe) all year round.

If you notice anything unusual, such as something new, or a spot or mole that changes shape or color, or bleeds or has a scab, always have it checked by your dermatologist to make sure it is not a sign of skin cancer .
Don't know who to turn to? Then I can always recommend a good dermatologist.

Give your skin a wonderful time in winter...

Gentle cleansing, moisturizing and care are essential to maintain a beautiful winter glow and ensure your skin is ready for spring when warmer weather returns.

Skin can look duller in winter and will benefit from a professional facial every few weeks - browse our treatments here or ask Maarten to recommend the right one for your skin.

Lips and hands can be dry and cracked during the colder weather and need some extra attention. "Keep the RainPharma Exceptional Hand & Nail Cream in your handbag to keep you hydrated on the go, or treat your hands to our super nourishing and restorative Intensive Recovery Wax from RainPharma."

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