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Stop de verwarring als het gaat om haarkleur

Stop the confusion when it comes to hair color

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Stop the confusion when it comes to hair color

Are you confused about the different types of hair color available? Not sure what the difference is between demi and semi? Or what permanent and temporary actually mean when it comes to your hair and colors?

Say goodbye to color confusion by reading our simple guide below, say our color experts Nicolas & Celeste.

There are four main types of hair color: temporary, semi, demi and permanent. Let's start with temporary color.

Temporary transformations

Temporary or 'washable' hair color is ideal if you want to experiment with exciting colors for a special night out or a one-off occasion.

“So whether you plan to rock purple hair, be pretty pink or go multi-colored, temporary color is the perfect solution. It instantly colors your hair and can also be used to cover the roots or to create designs in the hair,” advises Celeste from Santos Hair & Skin Clinic.

Temporary hair color doesn't penetrate the hair shaft and can be washed out with one shampoo, so it's a really fun and versatile option. Ideal if you want to be crazy during carnival (just think of the kids who might want bright green hair for 1 day).

Semi-permanent color

Semi-permanent colors last between four and twelve washes. They are gentle to use and simply coat the hair without penetrating it.

They work great for adding color to blonde or lightened hair, blending gray tones, adding shine or freshening faded hair color.

All the well-known fantasy shades, such as the currently chosen pastel shades, are also included.

Demi-permanent – ​​​​to enhance and refresh

Demi-permanent color takes longer to wash out – up to 24 shampoos – because it penetrates the hair instead of just covering the top of it.

Nicolas from Santos Hair & Skin Clinic suggests: "If you're coloring your hair for the first time, a demi-color doesn't mean a long-term commitment, so talk to your hairdresser – we're always happy to advise and help."

Demi-permanents work well if you want to prevent obvious root growth while having longer-lasting color. They are great for blending grays or highlights, darkening hair and adding shine.

Permanent zing

Permanent hair color is a good choice if you are happy with your chosen hair color. Permanent color penetrates deep into the hair and permanently changes color, meaning it does not wash out. It's great for gray coverage and can also be used to lighten, darken or tighten your hair.

You will of course have to deal with new hair growth (the well-known roots), but we can advise you on the best way to trim those hair roots when they become visible. Ideally, you will return after about 4 weeks to touch up your roots.

Even the gentlest, professional permanent colors can affect the condition of your hair, says Celeste. She continues: “I always recommend my clients to add, for example, a K18 to their color service. This strengthens and protects the hair during and after the technical service, leaving it looking shiny and healthy.”

Are you thinking of a change? Why not try a fresh new color to brighten up the winter months? Call 0485/37.78.65 , book online or DM us to book your free color advice (it only takes a minute)].

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