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We are so happy that we have perfumes from Miglot , the first and only Belgian perfume brand, in the Skin Clinic range.

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A shared vision

The visions of Miglot and Skin Clinic have many similarities! A real match made in heaven! Miglot and Skin Clinic share a passion for nature and all the wonderful things it has to offer, a passion for making people feel great about themselves and an absolute, profound fascination with scents and their effect on our mood! Making you shine is our common goal, so that is why Miglot perfumes should not be missing from our range!

The range of Miglot perfumes

All Miglot fragrances are always real, intensive eau de perfumes. They are additionally:

  • Gender neutral (including the packaging!)
  • Artisan made
  • Bottled by hand in Ghent
  • With ethically sourced ingredients
  • As sustainable and pure as possible

There are no fewer than 18 different Miglot scents to discover at Skin Clinic! Can't choose? Then just go for the Miglot Perfume Box and you will immediately have all 18 different scents at home with a detailed explanation!

Buy Miglot perfume at Skin Clinic

And of course we will provide you with advice and assistance to help you find that scent that is tailor-made for you. So be sure to book your free Fragrance Tasting , so we can go on a scent journey together to discover which scents are that will take you on a sensory journey.

Be sure to discover Miglot perfumes at Skin Clinic Ypres!