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High Tech AOX onze superantioxidant

High Tech AOX our super antioxidant

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First and foremost, what are free radicals?
Free radicals are highly unstable molecules because they possess an unpaired electron. The free radical would like to become stable and will steal an electron from another molecule. The deprived molecule in turn becomes unbalanced and now also looks for an extra electron. A story without end, or until it encounters an antioxidant.

Antioxidants versus free radicals
Free radicals are unstable, highly reactive and can damage our own cells. The formation of free radicals happens every day when we simply breathe or when we create energy in our cells. But fortunately our body is equipped for this. We naturally have antioxidants such as glutathione in our bodies to neutralize these free radicals.

Where do we get those antioxidants?
Since it is impossible to avoid the production of free radicals, the body has the capacity to produce some antioxidants itself. However, we need to get other antioxidants such as vitamin C and selenium through our diet. Our body could use some help to neutralize more free radicals in some circumstances, for example when:

- We come into more contact with all kinds of toxic substances from the environment (exhaust fumes, chemical cleaning products, cheap cosmetics).

- We follow an unbalanced diet with too much ultra-processed food such as fast food.

- We are more subject to oxidative stress due to our busy lifestyle.

Smokers, sunbathers, athletes, losing weight, stress
When smoking, your body ingests a lot of harmful substances, which, among other things, causes the formation of free radicals. The smoke also breaks down some of our own antioxidants. As a result, you may experience more oxidative damage, which can lead to faster cell aging.

People who sunbathe for too long without proper protection come into direct contact with an excess of UV rays. The free radicals formed in the skin can lead to faster skin aging.

Exercise is certainly healthy in itself. On the other hand, athletes have a higher oxygen consumption and therefore a greater risk of free radical formation. That is why people who exercise intensively can benefit from extra antioxidants.

Waste products circulate in our body and are excreted by our body, but some of them can be stored in the fatty tissue. During the Balance Program, where we lose fat mass, the stored waste products will be released. A well-functioning antioxidant system supports the associated oxidative stress process. Our philosophy: 10 kilos lighter but not 10 years older!

During stressful situations (physical and/or mental) our energy level can be affected and vitamin C then becomes our ideal partner for both its anti-oxidative effect and its contribution to our energy-yielding metabolism

What exactly is in the High Tech AOX?
High Tech AOX is a nutritional supplement that consists of several antioxidants. By bringing different antioxidants together in one product, you obtain a superior antioxidant formula, so to speak.

The antioxidants in this complex at a glance?
Vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium.
Supplemented with the following active ingredients: turmeric, glutathione, molybdenum, R-alpha lipoic acid, vitamin A, and SOD from melon concentrate.

Dosage : 1x per day in the evening during a meal.

Since your liver is most active at night, the supportive effect will be more ideal when taken in the evening.

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