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Ready - Set - Focus!

Ready - Set - Focus!

Hi Hi,

As promised yesterday, today we start a mini-lesson series on aromatherapy. For convenience, they are divided into scent profiles, but each scent of course has many more properties and combinations. More information about this will follow in my book about aromatherapy.
Be sure to let me know what you think of this first brief information email :-) so I know where I can make adjustments.

Here we go!

Want to concentrate in your home office? These essential oils will help you!

Essential oils can make your house and now certainly also your home office smell wonderful. A well-chosen scent can immediately give you a welcome, warm and secure feeling. But did you also know that aromatherapy does more for you than just giving you a nice scent?

A carefully selected essential oil (or a mix of different oils) can positively influence your mood, both in your diffuser and in your Skin Washes.

In our 5-part series we would like to put a few essential oils in the spotlight for you, divided into 5 important categories.

Today we would like to put the spotlight on those scents that help you focus and give you energy!
Lemongrass (Lemongrass)

Lemongrass, with its fresh scent, is an absolute winner among essential oils.

Lemongrass can remove the negativity from the air, which we can sometimes use now that we all have to work from home in combination with our private lives.
Lemongrass also has a calming effect and helps with feelings of irritation and even anxiety.
Lemongrass can help with emotional exhaustion and excessive stress.
It is a scent that stimulates and gives you more energy.

Rosemary (Rosemary)

Rosemary should not be missing from the list of scents that help you focus, because rosemary is a true memory booster!
Do you have a lot of information to process or do you have an important, difficult meeting on the agenda? A few drops of rosemary can give you that extra boost you need.
Moreover, this scent helps to clear your head, so you can enjoy yourself with a fresh mind!
Rosemary can also boost your self-confidence and boost your confidence in the future.
It gives you extra energy and also stimulates your central nervous system so that you are ready to go!

Peppermint (Peppermint)

Who isn't refreshed and energized by the smell of mint?
Peppermint can ensure that you do not suffer from a mental slump in the afternoon and can help prevent you from dozing off during the day - you also want to be fresh and awake in a digital meeting, right?!
This energizing scent stimulates your concentration, puts you in a good mood and combats fatigue. In short, mint gives you more emotional balance.
Did you know that mint can also help you more quickly recognize the feeling of being satisfied and satiated after a meal? This is how mint helps against overeating. A nice bonus now that those corona kilos are lurking around the corner.
Mint can therefore be a great support in a weight loss process.

Basil (Basil)

Basil can also support you in your concentration.
It gives you an open and fresh look at the challenges you face and helps you to tackle them instead of avoiding them.
Basil can help to sharpen your senses and therefore give your concentration a serious boost.
Basil can also provide relief from stress because it can bring your nerves back into balance.

Lemon (Lemon)

Lemon should certainly not be missing from that list!
Lemon has a strong stimulating effect.
This fresh scent refreshes and invigorates your mind, allowing you to concentrate with a clear head.
It can restore your emotional balance and, in addition to the stimulating effect, it also has a soothing effect!

If you choose 1 or more essential oils from the above scents (you can also combine them wonderfully), you will not know what to do with all that energy, concentration and wild ideas!

You can also buy all these essential oils from the comfort of your home in our webshop! These all count towards the gift promotion with the Magical Blue Blanket worth €69.

Do you have any questions or would you like to know more about how you can combine these scents well?
Call me on 0498/93.32.35 because I will be happy to explain it to you in scents and colors (pun intended!) :-)

Concentrated greetings


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