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Maak het warm en gezellig in huis!

Make it warm and cozy in your home!

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Hi Hi,

Last week you received the first blog about aromatherapy. Today part 2 :-)
For convenience, they are divided into scent profiles, but each scent of course has many more properties and combinations. More information about this will follow in my book about aromatherapy.

Here we go!

Bring warmth and coziness into your home with aromatherapy.

We previously listed these in our 5-part series on aromatherapy essential oils that help you concentrate and give you energy .

In this second episode we want to help you immerse yourself in warmth with aromatherapy and wrap you in a blanket of security and coziness! Because we could all use a mental boost this year!

These scents make you feel completely warm and cozy :

Pine (Pine)

Den has a profound anti-stress effect and combats negative feelings. Den can support you with strong feelings of doubt in your own abilities. Den can help with fatigue and exhaustion.

Moreover, it can provide relief from the onset of a cold!

Because pine immerses you in a wonderful earthy scent of a fresh forest, it can give you a wonderfully relaxing feeling of freedom!

Cinnamon (Cinnamon)

The warm, cozy aroma of cinnamon immerses your home in the scent of fresh cookies! It reminds many people of Christmas, the pinnacle of coziness and warmth.

Cinnamon warms and cheers you up when you feel tired. In addition, cinnamon can help you curb your cravings for sweets, which is always nice if the smell of cookies helps you avoid actually eating the entire cookie jar !

Ginger (Ginger)

Ginger is that scent that can comfort and warm you and boost you at the same time. This oil brings you back into balance and can support you with fatigue.

Ginger can boost your memory and increase your self-confidence so that you get the necessary drive to go for it fully .

Anise (Anise)

The sweet, spicy scent of anise can neutralize negative influences. Anise can make you more optimistic and give you energy. It can soothe and gives you a safe, protected feeling.

Cedarwood (Cedarwood)

Cedar should also not be missing from the warming and comforting scents. It has a strong calming effect on your nervous system and makes you want to connect with others around you. Cedar is the ideal scent to chase away feelings of loneliness!

Cedar helps you regain control of your thoughts and direct them in the right direction, which is why it is also the meditation scent par excellence.

Depression, fear and worry don't stand a chance with cedar in the room!

Black pepper (Black Pepper)

Black pepper is a warming scent through and through, both for body and mind. The smell of black pepper is fresh, spicy and spicy at the same time and thus appeals to everyone's imagination. Your lack of concentration is thoroughly tackled with black pepper. Fatigue also doesn't stand a chance with black pepper nearby.

To work!

Are you ready to be pampered by these (heart)warming scents? Choose and mix to your heart's content and let that comforting atmosphere flow wonderfully through the room!

If you choose 1 or more essential oils from the above scents (you can also combine them wonderfully), you will not know what to do with all that energy, concentration and wild ideas!

You can also buy all these essential oils from the comfort of your home in our webshop! These all count towards the gift promotion with the Magical Blue Blanket worth €69.

Are you feeling a bit stressed about choosing or would you like to chat about all those wonderful scents? Call me on 0498/93.32.35, can't wait to hear your voice!

Concentrated greetings


VAT, I remain reachable by telephone, WhatsApp, socials, etc. If you need a chat or have a question, be sure to call me on 0498/93.32.35. In these times we all have to take extra care of each other. And I would like to take care of you too :-)

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