Medik8 PURE C15™

Medik8 PURE C15™

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Medik8 PURE C15™

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Pure Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum

Pure C15 is an exceptionally stabilized formula, consisting of 15% pure ascorbic acid. This vitamin C serum provides antioxidant protection to help prevent premature signs of skin aging. The complex mimics the skin's natural defense system and forms a rechargeable antioxidant network.

Free from synthetic colors Free from artificial fragrances
Paraben-free Phosphate-free
Free from palm oil Alcohol-free
Animal friendly Vegan

  1. In the morning after cleansing, massage 5 drops of Pure C15 over the face, neck and décolleté.
  2. Allow to absorb before applying moisturizer.
  3. For freshness, use one bottle before opening the second.


*High strength
Powerful pure vitamin C serum that provides immense antioxidant protection to help prevent premature signs of skin aging. Using an intelligent rechargeable antioxidant network, the serum is able to keep all its active ingredients stable and potent to deliver incredible brightening and firming results.

*Fast absorbing
The light serum is quickly absorbed and immediately gives the skin an energetic and supple feeling.

Key ingredients:

*15% L-ascorbic acid
The purest form of vitamin C, ascorbic acid, provides exceptional antioxidant protection against harmful free radicals while boosting collagen production for a youthful skin complexion.

*Vitamin E
A fat-soluble antioxidant naturally present in the skin. Vitamin E protects the skin against free radicals and is regenerated by vitamin C for optimal strength.

Glutathione, a natural antioxidant found in the body, is exceptional at regenerating vitamin C to better protect the skin from free radical damage.

How it works:

Our skin is constantly exposed to free radicals, which are highly reactive molecules with an unpaired electron. These can react with cells in our body and cause damage that ultimately leads to premature skin aging. The body has a natural defense system against free radicals; a complex of antioxidants that both deactivate free radicals and charge each other so that they can continue to do their work. When the skin is overwhelmed by the environment, there are not enough antioxidants to quench the free radicals. This leads to skin damage.
Pure C15 contains 15% pure ascorbic acid which increases the strength of the skin's natural defense system to minimize free radical damage.
Ascorbic acid is combined with Vitamin E and glutathione, 2 antioxidants that naturally occur in the skin. This complex mimics the skin's natural defense system and forms a rechargeable antioxidant network.
The antioxidants work synergistically to boost their overall antioxidant power while regenerating each other for long-lasting strength. The formula's pH has also been optimized to be non-irritating, while still providing the perfect balance for the power of Vitamin C to thrive. Ascorbic acid stimulates collagen synthesis to promote younger, firmer skin while protecting against the damaging effects of free radicals.
When combined, vitamin C and sunscreen give skin ultimate protection against the sun and the environment all day long, to minimize signs of premature skin aging. Buy our recommended SPF day cream Advanced Day Total Protect.

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