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Oway Rebuilding

Constant external, chemical and environmental aggressions can cause structural damage to the hair shaft. Damaged hair has an impoverished structure, a porous and rough structure and lacks resilience.

Rebuilding is the deep regenerative treatment that gives substance and matter to damaged hair. A fully personalized program that delivers the essential components to the hair shaft: biomimetic plant proteins that repair structural damage by reconstructing the molecular structure of keratin; lipids that create a protective layer around the cuticle, and trace elements and minerals that provide strength, softness and resistance.

Why choose Oway Rebuilding at SieroSanto in Ypres?

  1. Deep regeneration : Our Rebuilding treatment deeply repairs damaged hair and gives it strength and vitality again. You can repeat this treatment several times in our salon for optimal results.
  2. Customization : We offer a fully personalized program, tailored to the needs of your hair.
  3. Biomimetic ingredients : Our products contain biomimetic plant proteins that restore the natural structure of your hair.
  4. Protection and strength : Lipids create a protective layer for your hair, while minerals and trace elements provide strength and resistance.