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Een streepje Stay Golden

A dash of Stay Golden

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Stay Golden

We all look better with a ray of sun on our face. Unfortunately, the sun also causes a lot of damage to your skin. Stay Golden is the solution.

Stay Golden ensures an even, sunny and rested complexion. And to optimally achieve this radiant glow, it is an absolute must to know what Stay Golden has to offer and how to use it.

Stay Golden is much more than a lotion with a tan

Prebiotic and probiotic ingredients ensure healthy skin flora and support good bacteria. In addition, it helps reduce redness and fade superficial pigment spots or age spots. Honey tree extracts give your skin an anti-stress boost. Result? A fresh and rested look. Essential fatty acids strengthen the skin barrier , making your skin feel silky soft. Carrot oil, jojoba and argan provide a sunny glow.

How to use?

Scrub the face beforehand with Brightening Face Scrub . So you can Stay Golden apply evenly and temporarily prevent uneven colored spots. You can use one or more pumps depending on your desired glow. You can reapply the formula every 8 hours to build up a more intense color. Once the desired complexion has been achieved, apply a maintenance layer every 2 to 3 days.

How does tanning the skin work?

The fact that Stay Golden also provides a non-washable, slightly tanned tan is due to raspberry extracts . These react with the proteins from your dead skin cells and that looks like a tan from the sun. Because only the top, dead skin cells are colored, the tan disappears when those skin cells flake off through the skin's natural renewal process. That is why you need to reapply regularly. That is why you must scrub first, otherwise you will get dark discoloration in places where dead skin cells have piled up.

Additional tips for use

After scrubbing, apply Stay Golden before applying your day cream or serum. This way, the raspberry extract can react sufficiently with your skin and you will achieve a better result. If you are in the build-up phase and apply a layer every 8 hours, you do not have to scrub again every time or you will remove the previous layer.

For who is it?

For everyone who wants healthy-looking skin. So everyone. But also specifically for this:

- Men who otherwise have few options to improve themselves.

- Those who like to have a summer glow , but realize that sunbathing is not the best choice.

- To shine during winter .

- To ensure that you have to use less make-up .

- Because it is not washable and can therefore be dipped into the pool without running off your powder or foundation.

- For a rested look .

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