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Intensive Recovery Wax

Intensive Recovery Wax

Intensive Recovery Wax: the best protection for hands and feet

With the arrival of winter, we get colder temperatures and dry air, which unfortunately leads to dry and cracked hands and feet for many people. The new Intensive Recovery Wax from RainPharma offers a solution to this problem by intensely nourishing and repairing damaged hands and feet.

Intensive Recovery Wax is an intensely nourishing wax that helps repair cracked and damaged hands and feet, with or without cracks. The caring formula contains only highly effective active plant ingredients that contribute to soft and supple skin and protect against external influences. We chose a careful mix of pure vegetable oils and butters. Calendula oil and arnica oil are known for their restorative, soothing and protective properties. To this we added nourishing butters of blueberry seed, cannabis, argan and olive that ensure that the formula spreads easily and is absorbed smoothly.

How to use?
Warm a quantity of wax between your hands and apply liberally. Do not rinse. Allow to work for a long time. Repeat several times a day. Tip: use the Intensive Recovery Socks to protect your floor and sheets.

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