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Intensive Recovery Socks

Intensive Recovery Socks

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Intensive Recovery Wax is a fantastic product that softens and restores your feet. But what do you do if you have just covered your feet with that wax? You stain your floor, your sheets are full, and most importantly, the product does not absorb properly. Same with putting on regular socks, you are treating your socks rather than your feet.

Hence these Intensive Recovery Socks with a wax layer on the inside, so that the product does not penetrate into the socks, but can work on your feet all the time. Handy for sleeping with and thanks to the anti-slip logos at the bottom of the sock, you can also walk around the house with them. The sock is one size and can certainly be used for people up to shoe size 45.

After use, it is sufficient to wash the sock with water or possibly with a neutral soap without essential oils such as Zero Tolerance Body Wash or the Baby Wash & Shampoo . You can use the socks this way for about 1.5 years.

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