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Lekker geurtje anyone?

Nice scent anyone?

You probably already knew that RainPharma's Skin Washes and other products smell wonderful. And you probably already knew that those scents are 100% natural and free of artificial perfumes. But those aromatherapeutic scents often do more for you than just give you a wonderful scent in your shower and/or bath.

Aromatherapy can improve your mood, eliminate ailments, enhance the effect of a relaxing massage, etc.
Choose from our RainPharma essential oils (both pure and in the Skin Washes) just the scent that can give you what you need at that moment.

A well-thought-out scent can transform your home into an oasis of peace and positivity, a home full of creativity, self-confidence, security and relaxation.

With our essential oils and the safe atomizers you can mix your personal favorite like a true 'maître perfumer', in a 100% natural way. You can of course also ask me for advice yourself, because I am an aromatherapist by training.

We would like to list a few examples of what aromatherapy can do for you:

  • For example, you can go for the classic lavender ( Lavender ), but also for geranium choose if you could use some rest and relaxation.
  • Put one Skin Wash Lemongrass at the sink in the kitchen, lemongrass removes the negativity from the air and has an instant calming effect. Ideal to tackle a stressful day.
  • Do you need some extra focus in the study or home office? Then definitely give rosemary ( Rosemary ) a spot next to you! Rosemary is a real memory booster!
  • If you are looking for a boost for your creativity, then definitely count on mandarin ( Mandarin ), the happy scent that stimulates your creativity and awakens the child in you. Also ideal for children who sleep poorly and have nightmares.
  • Has a nasty cold caught you? Then you can use basil ( Basil ), pine ( Pine ), thyme ( Thyme ) and of course eucalyptus to help you tackle these and alleviate the symptoms.
  • Would you perhaps like an extra atmosphere maker for the bedroom? Then definitely use it ylang ylang or patchouli in your Skinwash or atomizer, passion guaranteed! These essential oils have been used for centuries as a natural aphrodisiac.
  • How about a fresh and inviting toilet? Prepare a Room Spray with peppermint ( Peppermint ) for your guests and be pleasantly surprised! :)

To make it easier for you, RainPharma has created some aromatherapy blends. If you choose “ Bonjour ” or “ Bonsoir ” (pure, in Skin Wash or in Afteroil), you are choosing a well-thought-out mix of scents that give you a wonderful energy boost to start the day with a bang (Bonjour) or you wrap you in a soothing blanket of relaxing scents that help you relax and give you a wonderful night's sleep (Bonsoir).

These were just a few examples of what aromatherapy can do for you, There is so much more that we want to give you because the benefits and possibilities are incredibly numerous. That is why we are happy to advise you on which fragrance(s) are perfect for you and how you can use them to achieve optimal effect.

So be sure to stick your nose in (pun intended!) because we are happy to advise you on the scent(s) that will make you dance with happiness!

Enjoy your (wonderfully scented) autumn!

Fragrant greetings,

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