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Oway Hair Loss

Hair loss is often the result of many factors. To act effectively against this delicate problem, a thorough diagnosis is fundamental (using our trichoanalyzer and application chart) which will target the unique treatment against hair loss or determine a methodical integrated synergy with specific anti-sebum, lipid recovery and anti-dandruff normalization phases .

The Hair Loss treatment works on two fronts: increasing hair mass and hair strength, improving the anchorage between the hair and the follicle and extending the life of the hair (anagen phase).

Why choose Oway Hair Loss at SieroSanto in Ypres?

  1. Personalized diagnosis : Our treatment starts with a thorough diagnosis to determine the cause of your hair loss.
  2. Integrated approach : We offer an integrated approach with specific phases to combat hair loss, including anti-sebum, lipid repair and anti-dandruff treatments.
  3. Hair Strengthening : Our treatment increases hair mass and improves hair anchorage, extending its lifespan.
  4. Professional treatments: Come for a treatment at our Japanese Head Spa to boost your scalp and hair. Ultimate relaxation guaranteed.