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Oway Sebum Balance Hair Bath
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Oway Hydro-Balance Scalp Gel
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Oway Rebalancing

Detoxifying and restorative method for skin and hair with excess sebum

Restoring an oily and greasy scalp and regaining comfort and freshness is possible through a routine that combines intensive treatments carried out in our salon in Ypres, with a maintenance program to be carried out at home. The Rebalancing program returns the scalp and hair to normal by gently removing excess sebum and thus bringing freshness, leaving the hair and scalp perfectly purified. For this, it benefits from the synergy of the detoxifying and astringent white Amazonian clay, the stimulating and normalizing mineralized sage and the skin functions of the Bugbane, a plant extract that inhibits the enzymes responsible for the overproduction of sebum.

Why choose Oway Rebalancing at SieroSanto Ypres?

  1. Detox for your skin and hair : Our Rebalancing method is specially designed to gently remove excess sebum, so that your skin and hair can breathe.
  2. Intensive salon treatments : Our specialized Japanese Head Spa salon treatments in Ypres provide deep cleansing and recovery of your scalp and hair.
  3. Home Maintenance Program : Continue the benefits of Rebalancing with our simple at-home program.
  4. Natural ingredients : We use natural ingredients such as white Amazon clay, mineralized sage and Bugbane extract for an effective and gentle approach.

Choose Oway Rebalancing at SieroSanto Ypres and restore the balance of your skin and hair. Experience the freshness and purity you deserve.