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Adem in en uit

Breathe in and out

Breathe freely with these 3 essential oils

In the 4th episode of our exciting documentary series about aromatherapy, we would like to take a closer look at those essential oils that help you breathe freely and don't give colds a chance.

We previously went over which essential oils help you relax , how aromatherapy can help you focus and how you can warm your body and mind with the right scent!

This time it's breathe in, breathe out !

Should we introduce you to eucalyptus as a soothing agent for colds? Eucalyptus can provide relief from a stuffy nose and a disturbing cold. This oil helps you breathe more easily when that becomes more difficult. But eucalyptus can also let you breathe again figuratively because it can clear your head and calm your emotions.
Thyme (Thyme)

Thyme relieves you from a cold faster and clears your airways. Thyme can also help relieve your headache, as can fatigue.

Thyme is therefore the essential oil par excellence to support your respiratory tract and give you the necessary energy to get back to normal.
Sage (Sage)

Sage concludes the list of oils that help you breathe more freely and support your respiratory tract. Sage can help with headaches, sore throats and respiratory problems. In addition, sage can help to calm down and reduce depressed feelings.

Do you often suffer from premenstrual complaints? Sage is your buddy!
Sage is my top favorite in the range (as many of you will already know). I keep hoping that Sandalwood will also be added to the range one day... but then I fear that Sandalwood will become my favorite ;-)

Free and happy

Breathe freely and happily with these 3 highlights and you will feel reborn. You can of course find these 3 scents in our webshop. Both in the skin washes and in the essential oils . This way you can give yourself the breath of fresh air you deserve!

Would you like to know more? Call me on 0498/93.32.35 and I will be happy to share my enthusiasm for aromatherapy with you!

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